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Yesterday I set up a new blog with broader topics, so I don’t think I will be adding much to this blog anymore.  Unless of course I go back to homeschooling at some point.  Thank you to my faithful readers who have joined me on this adventure.  If you are interested in the new site it is called SAHM’s Scrapbook.  I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂


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Solar System

Play Doh Solar System

This is the model of the solar system that Emma made with her Daddy.  We had a lot of fun researching all of the planets and she made a little book of facts to go along with her model.  She tried to be accurate with the colors of the planets by mixing different colors of  play doh.  She even put rings on all of the planets that have rings… not just Saturn!  Once they were finished with the model they sprayed the whole think with glow-in-the-dark paint so it glows when she goes to bed each night.

We also took a family field trip to the Griffith Park Observatory which was a lot of fun.  Emma enjoyed this unit on space and it is always fun to see her get excited about research and impressing people with all of the facts she is able memorize.  She can really go crazy in the non-fiction section of the children’s library.

1 comment June 29, 2011
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Elephant Report

First page of the report.

I wanted to post this because it shows the creative way that Emma introduced her report and it shows how neatly she printed.  This does not come easily to her.  She has to work hard to have neat writing.  She kept up this quality of writing for all eleven pages!  Can you tell that I am a proud mommy?

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